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May 24, 2004
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Jika by ethe Jika by ethe
His name is Jika, a Great Horned Owl > ________< you can see from his ear tufts and the pattern of his feather. I did a little research of this Owl. *___* I never really notice, but this bird is so awesomee XO there's gonna be two more from his comrades XD soon.......

this is a direct quote that I found from random site:
"'Like the tiger, the great horned owl hunts in the dark, and it kills instantly. Its stripes let it blend with the forest patterns of dim light and shadow. Its two-inch feather tufts look like a tiger's ears, and it has a face like an angry cat. It is a tiger with wings - a tiger that can fly almost unseen through the darkness.' This dramatic analogy provides a useful focus for a thoughtful picture-book presentation of the owl as predator....A very attractive introduction to this majestic animal, which has survived for an impressive thirty-six million years." --Margaret A. Bush
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crimsonsolaris Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2007
Again...boss perspective :3
Puumba Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2007
Sooooo awesome and cool and ...

Your designs of Faun are really cool
NarutoTheNewRave Featured By Owner May 4, 2007
I...MUST......:+fav: IT!
Nekoski Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2007
very good oooooooh
eCupcakes Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2007  Student Digital Artist
love this angle, but i can never master it..u did it pretty well.
ZoeStead Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2006  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Your gallery is amazing. I didn't know what picture to leave a comment on! They are all so good! Anyway, your colouring is so unique, it has so many tones, which while being realistic are also ethereal in a mystical, magical kind of way which suits your style and all your amazing characters perfectly. I am really impressed to see such a well thought out and developed art technique that you apply so efficiently and well to every single piece you produce! I applaud you greatly.
Amazing work, please keep it up!
ThisOneisHaku Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2006
Wonderful character design... All the feathers look really nice. And I like his foot. The pose is very dynamic and the coloring job is really good as well.
Power-J Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2004
ECHANONE Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2004   Traditional Artist
great color job..
i'm a fan.

luckyiota Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2004
*o* the perspective and flow is amazing! and love the gloom forest colors! beautiful!
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